Nothing’s perfect. But your hair can be



In this tech-savvy progression of ours, 2020 promises a bright future for the beauty and skin wellness industry. Major trends promoted in social platforms have enabled both men and women to pay more attention to personal grooming. People are more aware of their skin as their influencers are just a click away. Healthy skin is comfortable skin, awareness has made people understand the need to care, hydrate, cleanse and moisturise their skin. Avoiding superficiality and choosing a healthy skin has provided the boon of a youthful complexion. The industry thereby has come down to advocate transparency and the consumers turn hungrier for the perfect skin!

In 2020, people look for healthier skin and in turn, the demand for natural supplements is increasing. Organic products are extremely popular and toxic chemicals are avoided. Clean beauty products are all the rage this year. Demands for premium botanical ingredients and sustainable treatments are advancing in the way. The future looks greener and clearer.

Organic beauty

The new decade dawns, the beauty industries have decided to stand united with the climate activists and vegans. Vegan beauty has become extremely popular within these years and has pretty much crossed over to the mainstream. In the place of high-end luxury chemicals, salons nowadays provide cruelty-free and halal products.


Toners were a skincare tip that people usually skipped, but this year toners are big. Toning the skin helps pH levels while also removing dead skin cells from the surface. Currently, toners available address every skin concern and are no longer limited to treating acne and oily skin. Thereby salons often use this fast penetrating liquid in the skin to deliver a quick hit of hydration.


Cryofacial has become extremely popular with the increasing number of skin cares and salons. Also known as Foxtrot, it exfoliates the skin as the facial involves a blast of liquid nitrogen. The therapy provides lower inflammation, firm skin and also tightens the pores.

Physical skincare

Care has become physical with the coming years and 2020 is no exception. Procedures such as facial cupping, massages, acupuncture, guasha (facial scraping) and lymphatic drainage massage are all popular this year, thereby leading salons are extensively promoting it.

Technologies in skincare

As the results are almost immediate, many people approach salons and doctors for procedures such as Botox, Kybella and other injectable fillers. These procedures are readily available this year and continue to dominate the market. As they are quick and extremely efficient, people opt for the method quite often.

The beauty regiment industry is one of the few that has overcome the decline in the global economy. In it, skincare and its wellness have become a growing franchise as the consumers have turned more conscious and informed. Increasing unisex demands and wider awareness has made people conscious. As a result, skincare treatments are all the trend in the progressing year, bringing a wide variety of skincare regimen and techniques. Our skin is never immortal, with our lives wear and tear, it degenerates. Ageing is a natural process, but leaving our skin uncared for, leads to passive ageing and premature degeneration. Therefore being up to date with the skin treatments and self-care, one can look graceful and healthy.