Nothing’s perfect. But your hair can be



Every woman considers her wedding day to be the most important day of their lives. Each and everyone one of them has fantasized about that special day. From choosing the perfect attire, pairing them with beautiful jewellery and planning everything precisely, these women are ready to do anything to make their weddings special. And looking your best becomes the biggest obsession of every bride to be and the brides of 2020 are not backing it up. Up to date with the major trends in the makeup franchise, these women are well informed and have a good understanding of what they need. As a result, the bridal makeups are always a necessary package for the leading saloons.

In 2020 like all major makeup trends, the brides prefer to keep it natural and neutral. But the bold red lips and smoky eyes are still opted by a lot of Indian brides and they prefer to keep it traditional. Bridal makeup in India is tricky, most brides seek a balance of tradition and modernity in their look. Therefore, perfect makeup can incorporate that chic factor and reflect the bride’s personality.

Glowing skin

Inspired by the social media viral trends such as Korean glass skin makeups, glowing skin is all the hype. The technique is particularly skin focused and enhances one’s natural complexion. Inspired from many runway looks at Paris Fashion Week this year, the trend provides youthfulness through deep skincare and highlighting.

Natural makeup

Natural makeup does not mean ‘no makeup’ or ‘limited makeup’. It focuses on light colours and light applications to create a look that doesn’t overdo the highlights of features like eyes, lips, and contouring. Shades like blush pinks, rosewood, salmon, peach and lilacs are replaced in the place of heavy smokey eyes. Also while deep lip colours are still trendy, this year brides tend to choose nude shades for their pouty lips.

Funky colours

Coloured eyeliners are a big bridal enhancement this year. Bright greens, blues, and even pinks give that edge to the free-spirited brides of our days. Also adding a bit shimmer to these glam looks keep the brides upbeat and provide that pop of colour.

Hair bouquets

In 2020 brides opt for lush and full flowers, rather than floral crowns. Intertwined between braids or buns, these full blossoms bring a certain elegance and subtlety to the whole look. Replacing the plain old gajras and floral crowns, these fresh flowers bring a certain authenticity to the whole ceremony. With the upcoming trend, many leading salons have incorporated such floral arrangements in their bridal packages.

Indian weddings are no joke, Indians prefer their weddings to be big and loud. The same goes for the bride and makeup plays a crucial part in it. With upcoming trends and traditional makeup techniques, most brides of the year choose a fusion of the two. Keeping it traditional at the same time incorporating upcoming sophistication. Understanding the varying needs of the brides, the salons in India have come up with a package that accommodated each bride’s need.