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Hair Cut

Say Goodbye to conventional haircuts that often go unseen. Consult our expert Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist in Kochi to find out what haircut suits your face. Experience a makeover like no other. We offer a professional hair cut service which includes a thorough wash followed by a blowdry Session. You can also share your concerns regarding your hair with us, our team is more than happy to help you out.

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Hair Colour

From covering just your grey hairs to give your hair a whole new look with a radiating colour, we are right at your side. Our vibrant palette is full of exciting colours for you to choose from. Our expert stylists will help you in finding out the colouring options that suit your hair. At Luxe Brown, your hair gets a colour makeover just the way you like it.

Curly hair treatment

Hair Treatments

Your hair needs utmost care at times. We take care of all your hair damages and help you revive them. Your hair is one of your favourite possessions of all time and we want it to look perfect always. Be it straightening, smoothening or frizz control, we do it with much love and more care. We also get done the latest and more advanced treatments like Keratin, hair Botox etc.

Hair styling
Best Salon in Kochi

Hair Stylist

At Luxe Brown, a fine blend of creativity and fashion from our hair stylists make your hair look great. After a quick analysis, our stylist will suggest the best styles that will suit your face. Or you can describe the look you desire to our stylist and he will take care of the rest. From simple plaits to the sophisticated Bohemian looks that steals everybody’s focus, we take care of it all.


Clean Ups

Revive your skin with a perfect cleanup. If you need a glowing complexion, your skin needs to breathe. Get rid of the dead skins, dirt and oil from the face with our exclusive cleanups. Regular cleanups with us help you maintain a hydrated skin that is soft and beautiful. Cleanups are also great for teenagers who are tired of oily skin and pimples.



A relaxing facial massage can calm your face and mind. At Luxe Brown, we use exotic facial products to help your skin revive its original glow. Our skin therapists work magic with their fingers to relax your facial muscles and to improve your blood circulation.


What could be more relaxing than a proper head to toe massage? Our masseuse’s magical work will unwind the tension from your entire body. Loosen up and treat yourself to one of the most tranquillizing massages of your life at Luxe Brown.

Best Salon in Kochi
Best Salon in Kochi

Pedicure/ Manicure

Beautiful feet and hands are everybody’s dream. Then let’s get it done. No more tans and dry skins on your feet and arms. At Luxe Brown beauty salon shed off the dirt and stay cleaner and more beautiful.


Hair setting

Party Makeup

Be the centre of attraction of any party you attend. Bring out the natural beauty in you and walk out in style, ready to rock the stage. Your style, your choice, we are your stylist. Talk with our best makeup artist today!

Hair setting

Express Makeup

Grab your everyday perfect look in no more than 30 minutes. We help you get prepped up for your normal day with perfection. Get naturally beautiful within 30 mins with our express makeup.

Bridal Makeup

On your most crucial day of life, look nothing less than perfect. Select your own style and we are on it to make you look exactly the way you want to be seen. But don’t worry if you don’t have anything in mind. Our make up artist can suggest some great ideas that will be perfect for you. Grab the complete bridal package from the best bridal makeup salon and get set for a makeover with our skin and hair treatments.



Nail Paint

Who wouldn’t love to flaunt their long fingernails newly painted by the experts? Give your nails a trending transformation with unique nail paints that suits your complexion. Visit the best Nail Art Salon in Kochi!

Nail extensions in Kochi
Nail art in Kochi
Nail extensions in Kochi
Nail art in Kochi

Nail Art

Nail art is the newest fashion trend. Would you love to try something cool on your nail and flaunt it like a masterpiece? Visit Luxe Brown and we’ll bring out the Picasso in us to your fingertips.

Nail extensions in Kochi

Nail Extension

No more tears over short and broken nails. Why settle when we have nail extension techniques all set for you. Now get the long nails that look natural and beautiful at our salon.

Nail extensions in Kochi