The Ultimate Guide to Hair Colouring

Nothing’s perfect. But your hair can be


The Ultimate Guide to Hair Colouring:

The coloured streaks are always trendsetters around the globe. With certain things to care, hair colouring is indeed the best tool to bring out a new makeover look. Let’s ponder about a few tips to remember both before and after swaying with your new look:

Choose the best hue:

Slaying up in a balayage or ombre look might be the newest trend. But, always choose the style which you desire for, by discussing with a professional. Pick up reference photos for the desired look and colour gradient to elevate your look. Try doing single strand tests to find out whether it suits your natural hair tone, skin complexion, skin undertones and face shape. There are various options for people with a green undertone as well as a yellow undertone. Also, check out whether your skin type is sensitive or allergic to any brands of chemicals.

What’s up in a week before? :

Wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo to get rid of all the dirt and dead skin cells on the scalp, two days prior to colouring. This allows the hair to plump up with its natural oils. And, remember to use a nourishing hair mask or conditioner for the same. This assures healthy and vibrant hair, post colouring.

The coloured hair day:

Help your stylist on the day of hair colouring session by opening up about what you feel. Relax and be patient to view the best results, if you have opted for very lighter hues because it definitely takes time for the hair shafts to change according to the infused colour molecules. As time ticks, the hair colour becomes prominent. So, don’t run away to take a head bath soon. If this is your first sitting, then understand that a high definition look develops on successive sessions.

How to maintain the look?:

The perfect look pertains upon the hair care you provide. Refrain from taking a head bath for five days to prevent washing out the hair colour. After about a week, wash your hair using coloured hair-friendly products which include sulfate-free shampoos and nourishing conditioners. Pick such products based on the advice of the hairstylist.
P.S: Don’t wash your hair too often post-colouring because water molecules tend to “snatch” off the hair dye and the essential natural oils from the roots.

Haircare tips while moving outdoor:

Cover your tresses while moving outside with a stylish hat or a beautiful scarf. UV radiations are always harmful to our skin. But, exposure to UV rays and sun’s heat can fade out the hair colour. Also, chlorine can strip out hair colour from your hair shafts. Grab a swimmer’s cap or apply conditioner while entering chlorinated pools. To cleanse your hair on off-wash days, use dry shampoos which don’t affect the colour molecules of the dye. Give a protein treatment or a good nourishing hair mask once a month to protect and hydrate your hair locks.

Few extra tidbits:

For an enhanced high definition lasting of the look and the hue, reduce frequent usage of heat involving styling devices like blow dryers, curling irons, straighteners, etc on coloured hair. Heat and certain other chemicals like sulphates and chlorine result in dullness and damage of the hair. This affects the overall health of the hair roots. Trim off the split ends and damaged strands from time to time which helps to promote the look for a longer time period.
Engage in oil massage which helps to retain the innate moisture of the hair roots. Turn down the temperature of water while washing your hair. It is advisable to get a head bath with either cold or lukewarm water.

In the long run:

Whenever you plan to get new hair colour on, use a clarifying shampoo to remove the previous shade. Do not try to mix up too many hair treatments which weaken the strength and elasticity of hair strands. Also, concentrate well on eating nutritious food. A diet that incorporates vitamins and is rich in iron as well, fosters the growth and texture of the hair. Biotin is an important stimulant factor for healthy hair.

In a nutshell, hair colouring always emphasizes and improve our appearance when all these factors are given proper importance. Before plunging directly into a trending style, check about the wider aspect of maintaining the desired hair colour. You can also choose in for highlighting a few strands rather than falling into the plight of a disastrous hair colouring session. Always seek professional help for good and long-lasting effects.